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i can ask why the female is shown in a unrealistic way example the female in a screaming way as if she likes sex which that in reality is not the way females function and females moan to impress the males not because they like sex , so the question is why the female is shown in a way which ususally is not true and i wish the game to be reimagined as it disinform about how females function and what males wants which is sex and feminity even homosexuality but why to masculinise the male and then disinforming the public ? is my rights to doubt anything i see so my questions and doubts is who i am 

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First off... you obviously know nothing of Dragonball. Which is the origin of the story. If you do then you are obviously trolling the community.


oh no i am not traditional i dont want ugliness and grossness , i only have desires for something so i could play it easily or atleast to add a custom way to add design body so i enjoy me too that what i am sayng , i know what i enjoy so i want to enjoy