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feedback , the game is poorly writen , biologically in reality females dont want sex and they feel awkward by sex situations and she even try to avoid , and females will never say cum on me , thta a male idea male thinkin male behaviour and male desires and males neeeds , females dont function in the way is presented in the comic book which means is unrealistic because females moaj just to impress the male not because she likes sex , males like sex only males , those are biological facts truths which if someone has somethin to say then come at me to talk because clearly the one which writen think falselly females likes sex that a lie , even feminists has admited that usually females dont want sex so tryng to portray something unrealistic could be harmful as are males is opressed sexually homosexually because the maels which should moan they are not presented but opressed and females which dont even feel much pleasure from sex and they feel nothing or pain they are shown always as as if she likes it when that not true that not how it function , so please make it realistic but this time with males in mini skirts as sex is so enjoyable for biological males 


You are a fucking idiot.

How many pages is it?  Also there is a typo in the example image.

It's 23 pages,
with 18 pages of content inside.
Thanks for the input and maybe will tell the editor for it later :D