Siluman Chronicle[SLG] raising game.(Suspended)

This project is suspended because lack of asset, please consider supporting us so this project can started again.

 Here we are creating games that raise them. From a lesser or maybe unknown Siluman into a splendid Legendary Siluman.


In a Nutshell what we make is a clicker game, it will be incorporated with evolutions and buildings facilities you need to advance the stories. in the further development we will add some system like Status, Battle, Alchemy, Romance, etc. here is our framework of what will be done

Currently that already done : Loader We will build a Siluman creator for you to input your ideal siluman and giving them to others for raise in later time

Main Game Just Click around and she will evolve by herself

Evolution Classic Animation, you can watch or just skip it



Quest  This is where you send your siluman venturing to the wild and  searching for items and prey Inventory This is where you can see the item you got from quest.  

The World

This world is still a newborn so there is no fixed map or what Siluman to be discovered. It will be up to you which Siluman will be take residence here.


You are a Demon King that lives in a ruin in a part of the world, you don't know anything and have just been born in this world. But you still have your basic instinct remaining, that is to Conquer The World. With some of the facilities in the ruin, you will raise Siluman as your loyal servant. They will kidnap people, raise their number and expand your territory.


In this game you will not start with strong monster like most games, there is no rarity defined still. It's up to you how to raise your girl.


There is Quests specific on the kinds of Siluman you have. Since they have their own specialization and weakness like how some adult insect will drown in the water, Vampires weakness is Light, or like the slime can slip between crevices.


Our goals is to make a Monster Girl Raising and Evolution game. And for this game to be enjoyed by a lot of people, we have already talked with Nutaku. The development process start from Windows/Mac > Web HTML > APK.

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Aug 06, 2018

Get [Siluman Soft]Siluman Chronicle [SLG] (NSFW)(Suspended until I got a dedicated guy to help and some funds)

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