For the confirmation of the project.

About this game,

While you all maybe already know, this version game is suspended because we don't have enough manpower and skills. Currently we are making it into an rpg with a little twist on the plot and gameplay. 

We hope you can see the game on or

We hope you can enjoy the game as you enjoy this one. Also as we see the growth of our support we will continue this project maybe sooner than expected. As we reach the goals or maybe seeing the growth of our patreon and community, we can hire some artist to do the background and UI for the games(as we feel that is our weakpoint right now). In addition when the goal is reached we will added some things related in game for patrons and supporter of this game, like hiring voice actor as there is some interested in working with us and more likely animator to make the game liven up.

so if you enjoying the game and maybe want to see the continuation of this project, you can help us by sharing this game to your community and spreading news about us.

Well there is more freebies like artbook and CGs monthly if you become patron too if you want to support us directly on patreon. and if this project is continued we will make your favorite monstergirls too in the monthly poll like usual.

Have a good time :D

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Aug 05, 2018

Get [Siluman Soft]Siluman Chronicle [SLG] (NSFW)(Suspended until I got a dedicated guy to help and some funds)

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this still suspended?

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I am sorry, it is still yes...
lots of things happens, and the guy responsible was gone.
Currently starting from 0 again with cosplay game.

Sooo... this is why I try the game but can't make progresses (because there is no save button)?

Because the game has been cancelled?

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Currently we are suspending the game for now.
The reason is, we don't have the resources to finish it but after some project we will continue it.

Please do tell your impression so we can improve it better.

The idea in general is good, the images are cute and the mechanics (the ones I can use at least) equally so.

It is the absence of a save button option that hamper any progress in the gameplay.

Thanks, will take that into the ideas

Many thanks from me too. 

I find the idea of a "Mommosu Raising Game" intersting, and to be frank your is the first one I found that did use monstergirls arts and not "badly photoshopped anime/game arts from other games/VNs/animes".